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Aztec Two Step- 2.0 with Alana Macdonald & Friends

August 3

Rex Fowler carries the Aztec Two-Step legacy forward into a new era following partner Neal Shulman’s retirement. Rex and his new ensemble will perform ATS fan favorites and forgotten gems (including some of Neal’s originals), recapturing the multi-instrumental sound of the duo’s original studio recordings along with 2- and 3-part harmonies. And of course Rex’s band banter and stage patter is still as warm and engaging (and funny!) as ever. Emerging from the Northeast folk clubs in the sixties and seventies, Devonsquare - Alana MacDonald , Tom Dean, Herb Ludwig - had their major label debut on Atlantic Records in 1988. They went on to release five CDs, and had a robust career touring the US and Europe. This singer-songwriter trio developed a devoted fan base and were commonly referred to as the #1 vocal group on the contemporary-folk music circuit. In 2005, sadly Herb passed away, and after some time off, Tom & Alana decided to bring Devonsquare back, inviting bass guitarist Teg Glendon and guitarist Robby Coffin to join them. The quartet went on to have a great run, but the end of 2018 saw this incarnation of Devonsquare’s farewell tour, with the band members going off to pursue other musical endeavors. And now….Alana is back! Performing all the Devonsquare favorites, she’ll be joined once again by Robby Coffin, Teg Glendon, as well as Michael McGuiness on keyboards.


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