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Evolving Into Your Light - Spiritual Retreat

October 18, 19, 20, 21

Join us for 4 days in a powerful divine experience to expand your energy, release what you no longer need, flow in your spirit, and connect with your divine self for accelerated healing on all levels and illuminated spiritual growth! We can live a more peaceful, loving, and enlightened life through our divine perspective, living in a higher vibration. This retreat accelerates our movement into that higher vibration! Experience 4 days of evolving with your spirit using the newly forming light centers (illuminas) in your energy field. Learn how to work with these new light centers to allow yourself to live in the higher vibration of your spirit. You will be invited to shift, heal, and release energetically, to bring you into living in a higher vibration of peace, love, joy, and light. at The LoveLight Center 2089 Post Rd. (Rte. 1) Wells, ME Wednesday Oct. 18th- Saturday Oct. 21st 9am-3pm each day. There will be an hour break at noon, so bring a lunch. Contact us for lodging recommendations if needed. Evolving Into Your Light (Body) Retreat Personal Investment: $500 Please sign up by emailing lovelightilluminations@gmail.com or by phone (207) 216-9584

(207) 216-9584

Click for more info: www.lovelightilluminations.com