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General Area Information


SEVEN MILES OF OCEANFRONT  In the Town of Wells, there are four beautiful sandy beaches.  Wells Beach, Crescent Beach and Drake's Island Beach are open to the public, while Moody Beach is private.

Public Restrooms are available and lifeguards are on duty, 7 days a week from June through September.

The Town of Wells operates a beach program, which is essentially funded by parking lot fees.  The program provides for the paving/maintenance of the parking lots, beach cleaning service, restroom facilities and their maintenance/upgrade.

This policy has been established to ensure continued fairness and control with beach parking lot passes.


Fees for parking at the beach lots, other than for Seasonal Passes, will be collected at the lots using the new Pay and Display Meters.

Meters are located at the following lots:

  • Eastern Shore Lot – located at the end of Atlantic Avenue- 3 Meters
  • Mile Road Lot – (no RV’s or Campers) – 2 Meters
  • Gross Lot – at the eastern end of Drake’s Island- 2 Meters
  • Jetty Lot – located at the end of Island Beach Rd on Drake’s Island( no RV’s or Campers) - 3 meters
  • Gold Ribbon Lot – located on Webhannet Drive-(no RV’s or campers) - 1 Meter

The meters will accept credit cards and debit cards. Debit cards will be processed as a credit card. The meters will accept coins if user has them available. Fees are shown in Section 3.


When a payment is made using the meter, a document will print out that must be placed on the vehicle dash so the Lot Attendants can verify that the vehicle owner has paid for parking. If the document is not seen by the Lot Attendant, a parking ticket of $35.00 will be issued by the Police Department.

A replacement for the 10 visit rolls of tokens for the general public will be a seven day pass available for purchase through the Pay and Display Meters. After purchase, the printed document from the Pay and Display Meter must be placed on the vehicle dash. Absence of this document will result in a $35.00 parking ticket from the Police DepartmentPlease note that the sale of tokens has been discontinued for 2016 for general public purchase and will only be allowed for resale by Licensed Lodging & Campground establishments to their guests. However, the meters will continue to accept tokens that were purchased during a previous summer.  Fees are shown in Section 3.


Resident -- A resident of the town of Wells might not be a real estate property owner but does live in Wells.  They must show proof of vehicle registration in the town of Wells to be eligible for a resident beach pass.  The Town will issue as many seasonal resident beach stickers (one for each vehicle) per resident family unit with proof of registration of their vehicles.

Non-resident -- A non-resident is any person who is neither a property taxpayer nor a resident but who is a visitor or guest in the Town of Wells.  A non-resident is not eligible for a seasonal resident beach sticker but may obtain entry to the parking lots by purchasing a ticket via the Pay and Display meters located at all five municipal beach parking lots.  See Section 1 on Pay and Display Meters for details.

Real Estate Taxpayer -- Owns real estate in the town of Wells as listed on the Assessor's tax records during the period the sale of resident beach stickers are available.  The Town will issue as many resident beach stickers (one for each vehicle) with proof of registration of the vehicles.

Proof of Ownership – The Town will issue Seasonal Resident Beach Stickers for each vehicle for which proof of ownership is provided. Proof of ownership includes but is not limited to:

  • a vehicle registration document with the taxpayer’s name and home address on the registration
    • more than one sticker may be sold if multiple vehicle registrations are presented with different names than the beach sticker taxpayer BUT the sameHomeAddress as the taxpayer is on each registration


  • Leased vehicles - more often than not the vehicle registration on a leased vehicle is in the name of the leasing company. In order to provide proof of ownership, a taxpayer should produce one or more of the following:           
    • lease agreement
    • receipts for oil changes/vehicle maintenance
    • insurance cards

These documents should have the taxpayer’s name and home address and the vehicle identification number VIN) on them. This ties the taxpayer to the vehicle versus just the leasing company’s name.


  • Company Owned Vehicles -
    • If in the name of a leasing company, the rules stated in Leased vehicles above apply
    • If in the Company name a business card with the Company’s name and the taxpayer’s name on it is required
    • Or a letter from the Company that includes the taxpayer’s name and indicating that this vehicle has been provided to the taxpayer by the Company

Condominium Ownership -- An owner of a condominium in Wells is considered a real estate property owner and is entitled to resident beach stickers as described above.

Joint Ownership of Real Estate Property -- When one parcel is owned by two or more owners as listed on the town Tax Assessor's records of property (condominium, house or vacant land), resident beach stickers for the parcel will be issued to the owner(s) who show proof of vehicle ownership as described above.

Multiple Ownership of Real Estate Property -- The owner(s) of multiple real estate properties (condominiums, time share, houses or vacant land) jointly or individually as listed in the town Tax Assessor's records, will be issued resident beach stickers under the conditions set forth herein.

Time Share Ownership -- Each owner of a week or multiple weeks of time share property shall be entitled to purchase a week's pass for beach parking for the flat fee of $35.00 per week per vehicle owned for the week that they are occupying the time share unit..

Odd/Even Year Time Share Ownership -- Each owner of a week or multiple weeks of time share property shall be entitled to purchase a week's pass for beach parking for the flat fee of $35.00 per week per vehicle for the year they are taxed to be used during the week that they are occupying the time share unit..


Resident/taxpayer Seasonal Beach Sticker  -  $35.00 per sticker (not applicable to motor homes)

Rates at parking lots:   $20.00 all day, 8AM TO 5PM

            $12.00 for ½ day, NOON TO 5PM

Hourly Meter Rate for Mile Road and Gold Ribbon Parking Lots = $3.00 per hour.

              $10.00 per visit extra for vehicles that are 15 passenger vans in vehicle size or larger

              $8.00 for motorcycles and other two-wheel and motorized vehicles

Time Share Week - $35.00

$80.00 for 5 Day Weekly Pass at Meters Only

 Off season Meter rates – (weekdays from 5/30/16-6/24/16 & daily 9/6/16-10/10/16) $10 all day, 8AM to 5PM and $5.00 for half day Noon to 5PM,

 Mooring Holder Eastern Shore Parking Lot Sticker - First sticker is FREE. Any request after the first sticker is $35.00 both with Mooring application acceptance.

 Wells Lodging License Establishments and Licensed Campgrounds Parking Token Program:  Parking Tokens for Meter Use can be purchased by Lodging and Campground Licensed Establishments for their guest use only. The price of the tokens are as follows:

 $9 per token- 1 Token = half day NOON TO 5PM & 2 Tokens = full day 8AM to 5PM

Off Season Meter Dates = 1 Token for all day (no half day)

The Town reserves the right to package the Tokens in volume rolls for Licensed Lodging & Campground Facilities Management Representatives to purchase from the General Office at Town Hall. Token sales will terminate the last day of paid parking. Prospectus purchase of Tokens for future years  are prohibited as the program is annually renewed and may not be authorized in the following year.

Note: The Mile Road and Gold Ribbon Parking Lots are hourly parking only.


Operation hours for collection of parking fees are 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Memorial Day to Columbus Day. 

All beach lots close at 11pm and are locked up by the Police Department.

Free Parking Lots

  • Casino Square parking lot - at the end of Mile Road (near Forbes Restaurant)
  • Harbor parking lot - at the end of Harbor Road



Resident Seasonal beach stickers are issued with the vehicle registration printed on them.  Transfer of stickers is prohibited and usage of stickers is limited to the vehicle designated.

The Town will replace a sticker for $5.00 if any of the following occur:

  • sticker is destroyed - please provide a piece of the destroyed sticker, if possible
  • sticker is lost
  • vehicle with original sticker was sold or if leased turned in- please provide evidence of sale and or lease turn-in
  • vehicle with original sticker had windshield replaced, please provide evidence


Resident seasonal beach stickers must be attached to the inside of the front windshield on the driver's side.

Any resident seasonal beach stickers for motorcycles can be kept with the motorcycle inspection sticker. They do not have to be attached as described above.


No refunds for stickers will be granted after May 15th of each year.


All purchases of Resident seasonal beach stickers and passes described in Section 3 (FEES) are for the calendar year in which they were purchased except for any tokens.


The Town Manager shall administer and enforce this Policy.


Beach Regulations:

1. No alcoholic beverages may be possessed or consumed on any public beach;

2. No littering - all refuse must be placed in containers provided;

3. No burning of wood on the beach without a permit from the Fire Department;

4. No overnight parking - lots close at 11pm;

5. No possession of fireworks;

6. No nudity;

7. No unauthorized motor vehicles on beach;

8. No criminal trespass on beach property;

9. No leaving animals unattended in a vehicle during summer season.

Dogs are restricted from the beach areas from 8:00am to 6:00pm from June 16 to September 15. After 6:00pm to 8:00am, dogs are allowed on the beach and must be on a leash and under the charge of a responsible person. Disposal bags and containers for dog waste are located at many of the beach entrances.  Exceptions: Does not apply to seeing eye dogs or other dogs assisting an individual with a disability.


Rachel Carson National Wildlife Refuge offers hiking on their one-mile Carson Trail which meanders through pine woods and offers views of expansive, tidal saltmarshes. Leashed pets are allowed on the Trail. The refuge also offers wildlife observations, photography, interpretive programs, hunting and limited boating opportunities. 207-646-9226

Wells Reserve at Laudholm. The Reserve's 7 miles of trails provide spectacular views and access to woodlands, fields, wetlands, beach and dunes. The gentle terrain is ideal for casual hikers, cross-country skiers and snowshoers. The varied landscape is prized by artist, photographers and nature lovers of every age. 207-646-1555

Wells Harbor is operated by the Town of Wells and contains a private marina offering canoe and kayak rentals, fishing bait and tackle. Boats on trailers can be launched from the Harbor for a fee. No fees apply to the launching of kayaks, canoes or sailboards. 207-646-3236

Wells Harbor Community Park includes the Hope Hobbs Gazebo, the Wells Rotary Pavilion, the Jeffrey Thompson Memorial Playground, the Knights of Columbus handicapped accessible observation deck, bocce ball and horseshoe courts. Free summer concerts are held every Saturday evening from July to Labor Day. Some of these facilities can be rented for private parties and weddings.  For questions or to book your event call Jen Frasier 207-361-8984

Wells Recreation Park consists of 70 acres which includes nature trails, soccer fields, baseball fields, a playground, tennis courts, basketball courts, picnic area and horseshoe pits. Public restrooms are open May through October. Tennis courts are available for use May through October (fees apply). Snowshoes and cross-country skis are available for rent in the winter months. 207-646-5826

Eastern Trail Alliance Bicycle Trails. Sections of the Eastern Trail on-road bicycle route includes the back roads in Wells. The route is a recreational and transportation greenway connecting Kittery to South Portland, Maine.


Wells Public Library. Dedicated in 1979 the library houses of 44,000 titles in multiple formats. The library provides free access to the Internet as well as wireless access. During the year, the library offers weekly programs for all ages. The summer reading programs offer incentives and special events for residents and vacationers. The "Friends of the Wells Public Library" sponsors an on-going book sale, an annual summer book sale, fall craft show an many other events. 207-646-8181

Wells-Ogunquit Center at Moody (Senior Center) welcomes both residents and non residents 50 years or older and is open Monday through Friday from 9am to 4pm. The Center offers educational sessions, exercise, health programs, social events and games. 207-646-7775


Meetinghouse Museum. The Historical Society of Wells & Ogunquit maintains this Nationally Registered building at the site of the original meetinghouse, located on Route 1. Artifacts, memorabilia and genealogies of the earls Wells and Ogunquit residents provide insight relative to our early historic seacoast community. 207-646-4775.

Schoolhouse Division No. 9. The Schoolhouse was built by the Town of Wells between 1899-1901 on a half acre of land at a total cost of $848.72. The Town restored the site in 1976. It stands today as it did over 100 years ago. The Schoolhouse is open to the public in July and August on Thursdays from 1:30-4:00pm. The Schoolhouse is located on Route 9 about 5 miles from Route 109.

Bridge of Flowers at Webhannet Falls Park. A joint endeavor of the Webhannet Garden Club and the Historical Society of Wells & Ogunquit, recognizes the site where Edmund Littlefield established the first permanent mills on the banks of the Webhannet River in 1640-1641. It is located on Route 1 just south of the Coast Village Inn & Cottages.

Local Monuments

Storer Park commemorates the battle between the French, Indians and Wells' early residents.  This small park is on Route 1 adjacent to the Garrison Suites.

North of Howe's Floor Store on the west side of Route 1, a marker sits at the site of Col. John Wheelwright's Garrison at "Town End".  It was from there that Esther Wheelwright was captured by Indians and taken to Canada.


AA. 1-800-737-6237.  Thursdays 8:00pm, Wells Congregational Church, Route 1.  Fridays 7:30pm and Saturdays 8:00am, St. Mary's Church, Eldredge Road.

ALANON 1-800-498-1844.  Thursdays 7:30pm, Wells Congregational Church, Route 1.

ROTARY INTERNATIONAL.  Wells - Mondays 7:30am, www.wellsrotary.org 

Ogunquit - Wednesdays, 12:15pm, www.ogunquitmerotary.org

WEIGHT WATCHERS.  Monday 5:30 - 7:00pm & Tuesdays 8:30am, Wells-Ogunquit Center at Moody (Senior Center), Route 1.

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